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Posstore is tracking which tracks your parcel and provides you with all the details about your parcel. This is a Malaysian company and it works hard to become the world’s largest tracking company. This company works hard to become the largest south Asian company around the globe.

If your parcel is missing then you can contact the posstore and acquire details about your package. And, you can also visit our website and use the tracking feature and you can easily get the detail about our parcel.

How to Contact Posstore

You can easily contact posstore by any method which is described in this section. There are a few ways to contact a trucking company:

  1. Phone: Posstore has a customer service phone number that you can call to inquire about the status of your parcel or to ask any questions you may have. Phone: 0129988158
  2. Email: Posstore also has an email address or contact form on its website that you can use to contact customer service. E-Mail: [email protected]
  3. Live Chat: Posstore has a Live Chat option on their website which you can use to get in touch with customer service.
  4. Social Media: Posstore is also available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can reach out to them by sending a direct message or posting on their wall.
  5. In-Store: If the tracking company has a physical location, you can visit the store and speak with a representative in person.

E-Mail: [email protected]


  • 012-9518808
  • 012-6568858
  • 012-5781033
  • 012-7281033
  • 1300228800

Office hour: (9:00am-6pm)

Licensee Enquiry

  • 0129988158
  • 0122621033

Posstore Tracking Methods – Easy Steps

Posstore provides many options to their clients to track their parcels. There are several methods for tracking a parcel, including:

  1. Tracking number: Most shipping companies such as posstore will provide a tracking number when you ship a parcel. You can enter this number on the shipping company’s website to view the current status of your shipment and track its progress.
  2. Email or SMS updates: Posstore will also send updates on the status of your shipment via email or SMS.
  3. Mobile apps: Posstore also has mobile apps that allow you to track your shipment, as well as manage your account and view order history.
  4. Customer service: You can also contact the shipping company’s customer service for information about your shipment.
  5. Third-party tracking website: You can also use third-party tracking websites, such as 17Track, Track17, PackageRadar, Parcel Monitor, etc. which can track packages from multiple carriers at once.

Tracking is helpful in a number of ways:

Posstore can help people and businesses to track their important parcels from anywhere in the world and also saves precious time. There are many benefits of posstore to provide such a magnificent facility for their users. Some benefits are as follows:

  1. Real-time visibility: Posstore allows you to see the current location and status of your parcel in real-time, so you know exactly when to expect it to arrive.
  2. Peace of mind: Knowing where your parcel is at all times can give you peace of mind, especially if you’re sending something valuable or time-sensitive.
  3. Improved customer service: With tracking, shipping companies can quickly and easily answer customer inquiries about the status of their parcels, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction.
  4. Better inventory management: Businesses that ship a large number of parcels can use tracking to better manage their inventory and ensure that their products are delivered on time.
  5. Increased efficiency: Tracking can help shipping companies identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their processes and make improvements to increase efficiency.
  6. Cost savings: With the ability to track and monitor shipments, businesses can reduce the number of lost or stolen packages and improve delivery times, which can lead to cost savings.

Posstore is a Last-Mile Delivery & Pickup Platform in Malaysia established in 2020. This is a Malaysian company and works in Malaysia now. But, in near future, you can see this company in the list of the world’s number one tracking companies. The contact details of the company are described below and you can contact them at any time.

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